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Bovine Health Recommendations

Bovine Health Recommendations

These are general guidelines only. Please consult with Dr. Massie, Dr. O’Brien or Dr. Hausler to determine your herd’s specific needs.

Pre-Breeding Cows and Heifers
-Assure legible ID
-Booster IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, preferably MLV (Bovishield ) if not already done
-Booster against Clostridial diseases (Vision 7, Covexin 8, etc)
-Deworm heifers and plan to breed heifers 3-4 weeks prior to cows
-Fall calving herds can treat for lice prior to breeding

- Vaccinate as for the cows
-Breeding Soundness Exam 30-60 days prior to expected use to allow time for replacement if necessary

Pre-calving Cows
-Check Body Condition Score (5.5 to 6 is ideal)
-Booster IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV and Lepto (Cattlemaster 4 + L5) (if not done pre-breeding)
-Booster against Clostridial diseases (Vision 7) (if not done Pre-breeding)
-Vaccinate for Rota, Corona, and E. Coli (Scourguard 3 K/C), if needed
- Selenium management injectable (10cc MU-SE) or via mineral mix
-Deworm first calf heifers +/- herd
-Fall calving herds can treat for grubs

1 – 2 Day Old Calves
-Assure legible ID
-Assure adequate colostrums intake (4 liters in the first 24 hours)
-Dip navel in dilute iodine, if born in a unclean environment
-Inject with 2 ml vitamin E/ selenium (BO-SE)

2 – 4 Month Old Calves
-Vaccinate for IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV (Bovishield Gold 5 or Cattlemaster 4)
-Vaccinate for Clostridial disease (Vision 7 or Covexin 8) +/- Pasturellla (One Shot Ultra 7)
-Castrate, dehorn, etc., as needed
-Spring calves should be dewormed and fly control measures should be implemented

Weaning Time
-Booster calves for IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, preferably MLV (Bovishield Gold 5)
-Booster calves for Clostridial diseases (Vision 7 or Covexin 8)
-Vaccinate calves for Pasturella, if desired and not already done (One Shot or One Shot Ultra 7)
-Vaccinate heifers for Brucellosis, if desired
-Deworm calves (Dectomax or equivalent)

*Vision 20/20 may be used to control Pinkeye in lieu of Vision 7