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Veterinary Feed Directives (VFD’s)

 Article provided by the Virginia Department Of Agriculture And Consumer Services  January 1, 2017 will significantly change the way medically important antibiotics are used in animal agriculture. In 1996, the FDA issued A Guidance for Industry...
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LIFE AFTER LAMINITIS By Thomas B. Massie, Jr., DVM Laminitis (founder) in the horse can be a devastating disease process and it can take many forms.  In some cases, the horse is mildly affected and recovers without significant problems.  Others,...
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Pasture Management

Thomas B. Massie, Jr., DVM It is in the fall that I think most about changes that should be made to improve spring and summer pastures. While I am not by any means an agronomist, I do see many examples of successful techniques used by clients....
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Routine Medical Testing Recommendations

Kim Cole DVM Heartworm/Lyme/Erlichia Simple blood test completed in office Should be conducted annually Used to test for Heartworm (a parasite that lives in the right side of the heart and is transmitted to dogs by mosquito bites. If left...
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Why Veterinary Dentistry?

Kimberly S. Cole, DVM Dogs are diagnosed with dental disease more than any other infection. Most periodontal infections begin simply as plaque which is composed of bacteria, salivary proteins and food debris. Plaque builds up in the space between...
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